Epsilon Office EDU

Track your school or tutoring easily and reliably (compliance with myDATA and AADE)

Now you can have all your business information gathered on one platform. A platform available in the cloud 24/7 and accessible from everywhere. Specially designed to meet your needs. In one place you can access information such as receipts and automated invoicing up to tabs for each supplier and customer, by filling in specific fields for each business.

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Are there any requirements?

You don't have to worry about installing new programs or losing your data if your device breaks. All you need is a browser (on computer, laptop or mobile) and internet access to check and edit your business data at any point, any time.

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Special Features

Organization of Clientele Information

Appointment Management

Finding Hidden Costs and reducing costs

Speed in daily tasks

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Does it connect to other Services?

It is an integral part of Epsilon Office, and a continuation of the Epsilon Community

which offers you a wealth of benefits and smart solutions for your business, such as technical support, and you can combine it with services such as IP telephony to see the optimal results of the suite.
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