Epsilon Office Features

The capabilities of the Epsilon Office are unlimited and any additional needs suggested by a member of the Epsilon Community can be added.

An indicative list of common market needs is as follows:

  • Warehouse / Services and their movements / documents
  • Warehouse Management
  • Organization and management of stocks
  • Customers / Suppliers and their movements / documents
  • Purchases / Sales
  • Invoicing program
  • Connection with cash registers
  • Simultaneous use in intensive retail and pricing
  • Send reports and invoices via email
  • Issuance of receipts
  • Easy issuance of invoices
  • Creating orders
  • Revenue / Expenses
  • Appointments / Reminders
  • Digital invoicing
  • Connecting to barcode devices (readers and printers)
  • Ability to use barcode on products, services and customers

3 out of 4 customers invest more in companies with a positive customer experience. This requires the collection and organization of customer information with a program that responds and adapts not only to the needs of your business but also its customers. Want to take a glimpse of how easy it is? Schedule your Epsilon Office televised appointment!