Epsilon Office CRM

For those who want to coordinate and be in control of their business (myDATA and AADE compliance)

In sales, speed and convenience play a very important role. So instead of wasting time manually recording every communication with every customer or looking for the activity history of each recipient, now, you can see them all gathered in one tab.

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An ever-growing tool

Growth is the commercial goal of every business. A CRM software helps you grow your business and increase your customers, simply because you can now manage every communication more easily, which makes you more flexible. Additionally, this flexibility exists within Epsilon Office itself to add new features, a benefit enjoyed by members of the Epsilon Community. In addition, it is the connecting link for your company's compliance with the new myDATA legislation and the AADE

It improves communication within the company

Today, if a colleague wants to take over a communication or replace someone, he has to waste an infinite amount of time to collect all the information he needs: what was done in the past and what are the next planned actions. A CRM software helps so that all departments working in a business or organization have access to information.

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Does it connect to other Services?

It is an integral part of Epsilon Office, and a continuation of the Epsilon Community

which offers you a wealth of benefits and smart solutions for your business, such as technical support, and you can combine it with services such as IP telephony to see the optimal results of the suite.
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