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Reduce your telecommunications costs with Epsilon TEL's IP telephony service. Combine it with the Epsilon Office system and take the communication capabilities of your business to the next level. Track your phone calls by customer, with the option of automated call recording, so you can refer back to your calls whenever you want, log your phone orders, tasks and appointments. All of this sorted and filed under the tab of each of your customers or business partners!

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What are the benefits?

The capabilities of Epsilon Tel's products combined with Epsilon Informatics' innovative Epsilon Office solution offer the end user/customer the ability to have the entire infrastructure and information system of their business wherever they are 24/7!

What are the requirements ?

You don't need to worry about installation. Epsilon Informatics has created a new integrated business telephony service, Epsilon Tel, which fully undertakes the design, installation, management and maintenance of your call center from the equipment to the software required according to your business’s needs.

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All fixed plans provide:

FREE Equipment & Activation Fees

FREE Static IP

Mobile App for call center & convergence settings

FREE Email Account